Are you or someone you care for living with this diagnosis? Bipolar Disorder affects 4.5% of the global population, which is about one in every twenty two persons.

 Some clinicians estimate an even higher number of 6.5% of the population, which is one in every fifteen persons. So odds are that you may know someone affected by this disorder and benefit from reading this article that…read more

His voice still pierces my mind, “You are safer trapped in an elevator than crossing the Street.”

The day deceptively began like any other day, filled with the barrage of mundane morning routines:  coffee, kids, husband, breakfast, school, and my usual drive to the office. I entered the elevator balancing my files, charts, keys, purse, and third cup of coffee (a Mom can never have enough caffeine)…read more

It’s time to set the record straight!

How many films or shows have you seen that depict hypnosis as a magical mystical experience where the person in trance has absolutely no control over their actions and behaviours?

Let’s take the Hollywood out of Hypnosis…..

Hypnosis is a very natural state. In fact, each one of us experiences a varying state….read more

No magical supernatural flame, spellbinding swinging watch, or proverbial instant snap of the fingers that you often see in films!

Hypnosis is a natural state that is actually experienced by each person in different forms throughout each and every day.

It is a very powerful and effective form of treatment that is actually…read more

Have you ever seen a stage hypnotist on tv or in person at a stage show?

Illusion is the name of the game, as we are all mesmerized by this display of complete command and obedience. “Sleep” the hypnotist commands in a bellowing authoritative voice, and inevitably, you watch in awe, eyes fixated on the subject on the stage, as each person passively obeys, without question, without any hesitation…read more

I am very excited to announce the Bipolar Disorder Clinical Research Study my Clinic, 3rd Eye Hypnotherapy Clinic, in Calgary, Alberta, in coordination with The Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists (ARCH), will be conducting this year with patients diagnosed with Bipolar l Disorder and Bipolar ll Disorder…read more