Bipolar Disorder

Meera specializes in treating clients with bipolar l and bipolar ll disorder. She has identified a third theory of causation that is linked to the environmental stress component. Her new effective treatment is called Environmental Stress Targeted Therapy (EVSTT), and she conducted a small clinical research study in 2019 utilizing this new treatment protocol with clients with both bipolar l and bipolar ll disorder, and these clients experienced tremendous evidence based results.

Treat ing Bipolar with Hypnosis Book Cover

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This is a 4-6 month treatment plan that utilizes counselling, talk therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and clinical hypnosis to effectively reduce the severity and frequency of hypomanic, manic, and depressive episodes. DBT may also be incorporated into a client’s treatment plan, if required.

Clients with Bipolar Disorder are expected to continue on all prescribed medications during and following treatment, and continue all follow up appointments with their treating psychiatrist.

This is therapy, and always adjunct to the pharmacological treatment plan developed and monitored by the treating clinician