Pre-op/ Post-op Hypnosis

Did you know that hypnosis can dramatically affect the outcome of your surgery? Pre-surgical hypnosis sessions can reduce anxiety and stress associated with a surgical procedure, reduce bleeding during the operation, dramatically reduce post-operative pain levels, and increase post-op healing (offering rapid healing immediately following surgery).

Meera utilizes the ground-breaking core hypnotic principles of Emergency Medicine Physician Dr. Steve Bierman, MD, famous author of “Healing Beyond Pills and Potions: Core Principals for Helpers and Healers”, who shares his case studies that prove how effective and successful hypnosis is with both pre-op and post-op patients in the ER. Dr. Bierman’s presurgical hypnosis techniques defy expectations creating an often bloodless surgery and painless recovery. The subconscious mind controls all of our physiological responses and all of our involuntary body functions. When we truly understand the power the mind holds over the body’s responses it is easy to see how we can shift our expectations and enjoy a much easier sometimes even pain-free experience.