Myth #1 About Hypnosis: Hypnosis, Magic…?

Hypnosis is a natural state that is actually experienced by each person in different forms throughout each and every day.

There is no magic!
No magical supernatural flame, spellbinding swinging watch, or proverbial instant snap of the fingers that you often see in films!

Hypnosis is a natural state that is actually experienced by each person in different forms throughout each and every day.

It is a very powerful and effective form of treatment that is actually scientifically based, and clinically proven; as evidenced by Clinical Study after Clinical Study, so will never find yourself floating up to the ceiling when sitting in the therapist’s chair!

There are many different styles to induce trance state; from eye fixation (where a watch or focus on any object may be utilized) to deep progressive muscle relaxation.

During hypnosis, once a deep relaxation is experienced, the left hemisphere (the conscious analytical side of the brain) is quieted, what is commonly referred to as the “Critical Factor” is then bypassed (similar to a Gatekeeper that often blocks any new ideas, concepts, or suggestions), and focused attention is achieved within the right hemisphere; the subconscious.

Psychotherapy is then utilized during this focused state of attention, where the issues and symptomology are truly stemming from. This basic therapeutic technique is the true foundation and cornerstone of why hypnosis is such an effective and powerful modality that heeds rapid results in reducing a patients’ psychological, emotional, or physiological symptoms and therefore enable them to meet their chosen goals or treatment objectives.

All of our memories are stored within the subconscious mind, similar to data in a computer. The left hemisphere can only hold a very small amount of memory, so the subconscious takes on this responsibility from the very moment of consciousness.

Each and every association and trigger has been skillfully formed by each of our experiences throughout our lives, good or bad, enlightening or damaging and traumatic in nature, and have been stored within the subconscious; it is awake 24 hours per day and ultimate function is to protect not only our emotional and psychological health but also our physical health and well being. It controls all of the physiological responses, each of our involuntary Healthy Body functions.

In an attempt to protect us, whether correct or not, these triggers and associations affect our perceptions and responses, both emotional responses and physiological responses.

The subconscious is, in fact, a magical part of our being, once you truly comprehend its significance and power to create change and affect every part of our being, but the act of hypnosis is a therapeutic treatment modality based in science, not magic!

What are the other four myths about hypnosis….?
Stay tuned for my next article to reveal and explore these myths commonly believed about the marvel of the brain, the subconscious, and this incredible method of treatment …. that is hypnosis!